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We can setup your website so that it ranks for city-based searches

Target City-Based Searches on Google – Turnkey

People search Google and it is important for them to find you.

We have provided this service for years with great success.
All of our clients have received rankings in the top 3 positions on Google for the desired searches.

Here is an example:

Are you an architect that works with clients in Lake Forest, Highland Park, Chicago, and Evanston?

After we are done your website will show up for searches:

  • “architects Lake Forest”
  • “architects Highland Park”
  • “architects Chicago”
  • “architects Evanston”

Don’t worry if you are not an architect!

We can do this with your cities and the keywords that are most important to your business.  Are you a kitchen designer?  No problem.  Maybe you are a landscaping company.  Again, no problem.

This also works for other geographic regions such as counties, states, etc.

Program Details:

This is a completely turnkey program.

Here is how easy this is:

  • You signup
  • You tell us which cities you want to target
  • You provide us with login information for your website

That’s it.  We then take it from there.

We setup your website so that it shows up for your desired searches.

You benefit forever.

There are no added costs from Google for this program and it does not involve any ongoing costs or ads.

This is done completely organically.


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Please note:

This is a turnkey program designed and run by JP Innovation.  Your website must meet certain specifications for us to implement this for you.

Results may vary depending upon many factors.  This program and JPI are not in any way affiliated with Google.  Google is a registered trademark of Google, LLC.

Business Specific

How we do this and the keywords and cities that you can target are based on each business’s desire.

Based on organic results.

We do this completely organically.  We do not use ads.  Your website will show up organically for these searches.

Ongoing results not ads

Did we mention that this is cost-effective?  You never have to pay for any ads.