Organic Ranking Report

Actionable report designed to help you achieve higher organic rankings on Houzz

JP Innovation Organic Ranking Report

This report can help you achieve the highest organic rankings possible for your desired cities on Houzz.

People search for companies on Houzz and now you can know what to do to improve your rank and achieve high rankings for all of the cities in your “Areas Served”.  You can even rank #1 (in many categories).

Dominate “local searches” on Houzz!

This actionable report will help you improve your organic profile rankings in the directory searches for your target markets.  The information in your customized report is based on your profile, your area served (individual cities), and your category on Houzz.

Here is what you receive:

  • Your current organic rankings – we give you your rankings for every city in your area served.
  • We explain what improvements can be made to your profile.  These improvements will help you achieve higher organic rankings.

Works for Pro+ and Free Houzz Accounts

Report Specifications:

Your Organic Ranking Report is based on actual data related to your Houzz profile, your primary category, and all of the cities in your “Area Served”.

Details on what you need to do in order to achieve #1 organic rankings are based on information that is current as of the day that your report is created.  Your existing rankings are included if you are ranked up to position #50.  If you are ranked lower than 50 your position will be listed as “50+”.

Please allow up to 3 business days to be created and emailed to you.

Please note: in some categories on Houzz the highest organic position is position #1.  Our report explains, for every city in your “Area Served”, how to achieve the highest organically ranked position.

Generate More Leads & Sales!

This report will educate you on organic rankings

Report includes Best-Practices which, if followed, will help you increase your organic profile rankings.

Only $300

One-time fee


  • Chicago, IL company achieves 100+ #1 rankings – sells $1m in projects
  • Madison, WI company achieves 29 #1 rankings – sells 6 projects in 2017
  • Chicago, IL company improves average organic rank from 20 to 3 in less than 1 hour – increases # of organic profile impressions by 683%


and many more!

Please note: this report is not a report from Houzz.  This is a report created by JP Innovation which is based on publicly accessible information on your Houzz profile and the Houzz directories.  This report is not endorsed by Houzz.  Changes to your profile rankings are not guaranteed.

Houzz Centric Focus

Our programs help companies take advantage of the organic results that can be achieved on Houzz.  Houzz presents an amazing opportunity and we have developed programs that are successful in helping companies generate more exposure.

Based on organic results.

We have designed our programs to help companies increase their organic results on Houzz.  By focusing on organic, we can drive real results in increasing the exposure of their Houzz profile in searches and exposure of their photos.

Ongoing results not ads.

Because we focus on organic results which does not incur any ongoing cost, you are creating success for your company that will continue to drive results long after we have gone.  Your ongoing success is way more than simply pay-to-play.