Houzz Organic Optimization Program – Turnkey

Designed to help you achieve more organic results with no ongoing cost from Houzz

Organic Optimization Program for Houzz – Turnkey

In our Organic Optimization Program – Turnkey program we help you increase your exposure on Houzz organically.  We do this by identifying all issues and correct existing issues related to the optimization of your profile, projects, and photos so that they receive better exposure organically.  We help you generate measurable results.

Program Details:

In our Organic Optimization Program – Turnkey program we make it easier for you to generate leads and sales from Houzz.

We understand, based on years of experience, what needs to be do for your to achieve high organic profile rankings, as well as what needs to be done to optimize your projects and photos.  We also understand the importance of client reviews.

We optimize and manage your Houzz profile so you can concentrate on dealing with clients.  You will make your time more efficient and achieve better results.

Included in our program is “local” search optimization for your profile in directory rankings.  We understand what you need to do in order to be ranked high organically (with no cost from Houzz).  In fact, in many categories you can only be ranked #1 organically!

Participants in our program receive the following reports:

  • Initial Report – this report explains what we need from you initially, as well as ongoing.  We also analyze your website and report the issues that should be addresses in order to maximize your marketing success on Houzz.  We also include a link to your JPI Dashboard and a summary of the number of client reviews that you have as well as the number of projects that you have.
  • JPI Dashboard (available 24/7) – this dashboard includes your current organic rank for every city in your “Areas Served” as well as what needs to be done in order to achieve the highest organic ranks for each city.  For PRO+ Houzz users we also include historical “Impressions” and “Profile Views” information including a breakdown of paid and organic and interactive graphs of this data.
  • Monthly Report – in this report we show you the increases for client reviews and projects added.  We also include the information that we need from you as well as a link to our calendar to schedule monthly meetings to review.

There are no added costs from Houzz for participating in our programs.

Here is the process:

Step 2.

We do our initial analysis and create and send to you our initial report.  We also send you a link to your JPI dashboard.  We also let you know what information we need.

Step 3.

You review your report and you schedule your initial meeting with us to discuss.

Step 4.

Each subsequent month (for 12 months) we update the data in your dashboard and you schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your progress.  This step is then repeated for the duration of your program participation.  We will be busy optimizing your profile and projects to increase your exposure.

Please note:

This is a turnkey program designed and run by JP Innovation.  JPI helps companies achieve better marketing results from Houzz by leveraging the organic exposure of their profile and photos.  This is based on our best practices for Houzz which we have developed based on successful marketing with our clients.  Our services can benefit companies that have free profiles on Houzz as well as though who are paying Houzz.  We are not related to Houzz in any manner.  The JPI Houzz Marketing Programs are not endorsed by Houzz®.

Results may vary depending upon many factors including how many projects that you have (or give us to add), how many client reviews that you have (we will help you get more reviews) as well as many other factors.

What our clients have to say

Houzz Centric Focus

Our programs help companies take advantage of the organic results that can be achieved on Houzz.  Houzz presents an amazing opportunity and we have developed programs that are successful in helping companies generate more exposure.

Based on organic results.

We have designed our programs to help companies increase their organic results on Houzz.  By focusing on organic, we can drive real results in increasing the exposure of their Houzz profile in searches and exposure of their photos.

Ongoing results not ads.

Because we focus on organic results which does not incur any ongoing cost, you are creating success for your company that will continue to drive results long after we have gone.  Your ongoing success is way more than simply pay-to-play.