Cabinet Manufacturer Utilizes JP Innovation Enterprise Houzz Marketing Platform for Dealers

JP Innovation’s Houzz Organic Marketing Platform makes it easy for manufacturer to successfully launch educational & turnkey programs that enable their dealers to increase their organic exposure on Houzz with no cost from Houzz.


Educational Program Launched for Dealers

The process is now easy to educate their dealers

683% Increase in Organic Profile Impressions

Achieved by one dealer by participating

Numerous #1 Profile Rankings 

Achieved by many dealers organically

With the ever expanding use of by consumers, particularly people who are interested in remodeling their existing home or who are interested in building a new home, a high-end custom cabinet manufacturer wanted to help their 800+ dealers become more effective at using for marketing to these 36 million people.  For them, key was doing this in a way that gave them advantages over their competition and measurable results.

Helping their dealers

This cabinet manufacturer wanted to help their dealers become more efficient at marketing to people using  The company wanted an approach that would drive measurable results and that would be cost-effective.  They were not simply looking for a paid advertising program that would become a long-term burden on them and their dealers and would not neccessarily drive success.

The JP Innovation’s Houzz Organic Optimization Programs are helping the cabinet manufacturer educate their dealers so that they can increase their exposure organically with no cost from Houzz.  Dealers learn how to dominate local searches and how to improve exposure of their photos all by organic means which generates real, measurable results.


Custom cabinet manufacturer with 800+ dealers in the US and Canada.



Help dealers increase their exposure on Houzz by assisting them in dominating local searches organically (with no cost from Houzz) and to help dealers generate more leads and sales from



Enterprise Houzz Marketing Platform
Houzz Organic Optimization Program

“Our Houzz experience in general has grown exponentially since the JP Innovation Houzz Optimization Program began. It’s way easier getting feedback/information from Jim than it is our Houzz Pro+ Account managers. Results are immediate with the plan that Jim and his team detail for you to implement. “

Satisfied Dealer

“Great program, great help and advice. Very helpful!!”

Satisfied Dealer

Dominating Houzz searches

This manufacturer wanted to help their dealers dominate searches on Houzz specifically searches for professionals.  By helping their dealers dominate local searches for their markets organically they are achieving results for their dealers that massively improve their exposure.

Here is an example of how one dealer improved their profile rankings organically and saw drastic improvements in their exposure as a result.  One of their dealers, after optimizing their Houzz profile, was able to achieve vast improvements in their profile rankings.  Examples of the ranking improvements were numerous profile rankings in the 20’s which immediately imrpoved to #1 profile rankings.  Did these vast improvements in rankings affect their exposure?  Becuase of these profile ranking improvements, this dealer saw:

  • 210% Increase in % of Organic Profile Impressions
  • 683% Increase in # of Organic Profile Impressions
  • 152% Increase in Total Profile Impressions
  • 178% Increase in # of Organic Profile Clicks

Generating real results

A very important facet of showing the effectiveness of the Houzz marketing initiative was being able to show measurable results.  This was especially important to company management that needs to justify the value of everyone’s efforts and the program.

JP Innovation incorporated the proprietary JPI dashboard for their dealers.  These custom dashboards allow each dealer to see how they are performing on Houzz.  It also allows upper management to see how the program is performing for it’s dealers.  The dashboard incorporates the use of data from Houzz as well as Google Analytics in ways that allow dealers to be able to visualize the effectiveness of their Houzz marketing not only for the last 30 days but allows for historical month-over-month comparisons.


To learn more about how this manufacturer is utilizing the JP Innovation platform to drive more success for their dealers contact us here.