Cabinet Dealer Improves Profile Rankings from JP Innovation Organic Houzz Optimization Program


Kitchen and bath designer, and cabinet dealer, utilizes JP Innovation enterprise Houzz organic optimization program offered by cabinet manufacturer to massively improve their  profile rankings with no cost from Houzz.


45 Cities Targeted

Dealer improves profile rankings

71% Increase in Average Profile Ranking

Utilizing JP Innovation Optimization Program

Massive Improvement 

Average ranking goes from position 17.09 to average position 4.85

Wanting to achieve better marketing results from Houzz, this dealer participated in the JP Innovation Houzz Organic Optimization Program offered through a cabinet manufacturer.  This cabinet dealer understands the value of using Houzz for marketing and seeks to improve their exposure and lead generation from Houzz.

Learning how to increase organic results

This dealer participated in the JP Innovation Houzz Organic Optimization Program.  Their desired goals were to generate leads from increased exposure that would result from having a more highly optimized Houzz profile.


The program helped the dealer be more efficient in utilizing Houzz because of the “prioritized action reports”.  These reports, along with the step-by-step assistance from JPI, helped this company work more efficiently in optimizing their Houzz profile so that it would maximize the organic exposure that this company would receive on Houzz for their profile and photos.


This dealer benefitted from having a more highly optimized profile and projects.  This dealer was able, in one month, to improve their average profile rank from an average position of 17.09 to a vastly improved average rank of 4.85.


Kitchen and bath designer and custom cabinet dealer participates in manufacturer-approved JP Innovation Houzz Organic Optimization Program.



Cabinet dealers desires to dominate searches on Houzz for all of their markets.  Cabinet dealer was not a Pro+ Houzz user and they did not dominate searches for professionals on Houzz.  They needed to increase their organic (unpaid) profile rankings so that they would be listed higher than their competition.



Enterprise Houzz Marketing Platform
Houzz Organic Optimization Program

Improving Exposure in Houzz Searches

By achieving better rankings for their profile, when people perform searches in their category, this cabinet dealer is improving their exposure on Houzz.  Most of their profile rankings for their desired cities averaged in the double digits.  By optimizing their profile and projects for organic exposure they were able to drastically lower their average profile position in the rankings down to an astounding average position of 4.85.  This was done in one month and completely organically without having to pay Houzz.


Generating real results

The best part of participating in the JP Innovation Houzz Organic Optimization Program they now know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve their goal of having many #1 rankings.


To learn more about how this company is utilizing the JP Innovation Houzz Optimization Program to drive more success and increase the effectiveness of their Houzz marketing contact us here.