Houzz can Have a Big Impact on Your Sales

Houzz can Have a Big Impact on Your Sales

I wanted to post this article to encourage you.

One of our clients has sold over $1.5 million worth of projects from Houzz.

So far this year the # of leads they have generated are up 57% (over same period last year).

And sales are up 183% (over same period last year).

Just to be fair I should mention that we don’t just help them with Houzz, but rather we do all of their digital marketing.  We utilize “Growth Hacking” to help them increase their leads and sales and they seem to set records year-after-after.

This year so far they have generated 20 leads from Houzz and they have closed 2 clients.  This is really just part of the story of “How they have done this”.

You can read more about “Growth Hacking” here: http://www.jpinnovates.com/growth-hacking-for-construction-related-companies/

Growth Hacking is pretty awesome and if you want to schedule some time to discuss how you can leverage Growth Hacking put something on my calendar:

I guarantee you that it will be worth your time!

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