Houzz Organic Optimization Program

A marketing program designed to help you get more out of marketing on Houzz.com.
We help you generate measurable results.

Increase Your

Organic Exposure

We teach you what you need to know to increase exposure of your Houzz profile, projects and photos so people can find you.

Dominate Local Searches

on Houzz

We teach you how to achieve high organic profile rankings in local directory searches.  In many categories you can only be ranked #1 organically!

Optimization Program

Our program is designed to help you create more organic exposure on Houzz by optimizing your profile, projects and photos with no added cost from Houzz.

Enterprise Plans

If you have multiple locations, or sell your products or services through a network of dealers we should talk.  We can help all of your dealers achieve better marketing success from Houzz.

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Features & Benefits

Our marketing programs helps you generate more leads and sales from Houzz.com.  We help you achieve better exposure and create measurable results.

Increase Your Exposure

Your profile and photos will receive more organic exposure. In a nutshell people will be able to find your company on Houzz.

Generate More Quality Leads

More exposure on Houzz means that you will generate more high-quality leads and traffic to your website.

Generate Sales

Generate sales from people who are interested in remodeling their home or building a new home.

One-on-One Assistance

In our program we help you one-on-one & teach you how to better leverage Houzz to gain more exposure, leads, and sales.

Local Search Optimization

We know what it takes for you to show up #1 organically for local searches and help you do this for your target market.

Organic Optimization

We help you get more organic (unpaid) exposure for your profile and photos on Houzz so people can find your company.

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